Reactions to Ben-Hur

What people have been saying about Ben-Hur

“Ben-Hur is a remarkable gift to the global Church. It is a full on epic movie with incredible cinematography.  But it also has powerful story line of faith, reconciliation, forgiveness and hope – a message that our world is aching to hear.  Christians can rally behind this film. They will be greatly inspired. It will touch millions of lives for the good.”
– Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, Former Secretary General, World Evangelical Alliance 

“An epic retelling of a classic bringing the Ben-Hur story back to life for a new generation. With themes of forgiveness, reconciliation and redemption, the story speaks profoundly into our context today. The Church really must back such a mainstream movie that brings the message of Christ to life.”
– Andy Frost, Director, Share Jesus International & London Mission Collective

“We are treated to mesmerizing scenes both on the ships and in the arena, which profoundly move and leave one gaping. I will definitely recommend it to friends and readers.”
– Penny Nair Price, Writer, Church of England Newspaper

“Incredible story of grace and forgiveness. Deeply moving.”
– Gareth Dickinson, National Gatherings Conference Director, New Wine

“The film was powerful and moving with a strong message of forgiveness. I believe that the subtle yet clear portrayal of Jesus will speak also to a secular audience.”
– Matthew Skirton, UK Field Leader, Operation Mobilisation

“An exciting and fast-moving film with incredible cinematography. Surprised to see the extra emphasis on the person of Jesus and thought it was a powerful expression of love overcoming hate.”
– Jenny Baker, Catholic Charismatic Renewal

“Excellent, powerful, thought-provoking. A stirring re-working of an epic tale.”
– Gareth Wallace, Executive Director, Conservative Christian Fellowship

“Raw, compelling, gritty. A brilliant retelling – honours Christian messaging. Will leave me thinking…”
Rosie Wright, Breakfast Presenter, Premier Christian Radio

“Beautiful scenery, amazing attention to detail. Compelling story and hugely moving. A great story for our time and very relevant.”
– Canon Nick Ralph, Portsmouth & Winchester Diocese

“Thrilling, visceral stuff. Ben-Hur’s not only a pacey blockbuster but it’s also a great-to-see film about forgiveness.”
– Calvin Peat, Film Reviewer, Evangelicals Now

“Ben-Hur is an epic story of trials and hope. It is a classic that needs to be retold again and again. To have it introduced at the Big Church Day Out is a true testament of its validity as as a Christian message.”
– Petersen Feital – Creative Director, Diocese of London, and Missioner to the Creative Industries